The goals and services of One to One Health create a more cohesive continuum of patient care, delivering a solution to rising health care costs while personalizing the patient experience.

We offer value to our clients through delivery of high quality, low-cost health care and wellness programming that results in client outcomes like:

  • Reduced health care expenditures
  • Decreased emergency room utilization
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Increased generic drug utilization
  • Improved employee health

While many businesses are experiencing rising costs, year after year, our customers are seeing their overall health expenses decrease. Our focus on prevention and personalized care also results in happier, healthier, more productive employees.

To find out how One to One Health can be your partner in corporate wellness, contact us today.

Typical Results:

  • Increased utilization of primary care
  • Month over month decrease in plan cost
  • Positive employee feedback
  • Improved employee health