Our Network

One to One Health

Our physician network is a team of select primary care doctors, specialists, urgent care clinics and imaging centers. Together we provide an entire care team that provides employees and their families with high-value care. Our network’s services include personalized health and wellness, access to high quality care, cost savings, easy access to specialists, a medical hotline, and more. One to One Health physicians are committed to eliminating common frustrations and making health care more personal.


One to One Health is carefully constructed of physicians who share the same goals and are invested in the health and wellbeing of our community and surrounding areas. Our mission is to provide better, more cost-effective health care coverage by eliminating obstacles that diminish quality, drive up expenses, and frustrate patients, doctors, and employers.

Are you a physician interested in joining the network? We are not currently expanding in the Chattanooga area but will be happy to talk to you about opportunities in other areas. Contact us to learn more.