Clinic Management

Worksite clinic management

Employer sponsored health clinics are quickly becoming a favorite solution to provide cost effective, easily accessible health benefits. On-site clinic benefits are many, including reduced absenteeism, improved productivity, health care cost control, and talent retention.

What makes us different?

One to One Health is physician-led. Our leadership team is comprised of doctors who have spent their careers managing their own clinics are uniquely qualified to manage yours, too. They are familiar with common challenges and how to overcome them.

We have over 30 years’ experience managing clinics and can deliver high quality care at a lower cost than even national competitors.

Worksite clinic management can be integrated into a turnkey program or purchased as a stand-alone service for improving employee health.

Worksite clinic services:

  • Biometric screenings
  • Primary and acute care
  • Chronic condition management
  • Occupational health
  • Wellness services

Our goals mirror yours—delivering high quality, low-cost care to employees. Contact us to find out more about worksite clinic management.

Benefits Include:

  • Better management of chronic conditions
  • Decreased emergency room visits
  • Earlier treatment of illnesses or injuries
  • Improved productivity due to a healthier workforce
  • Reduced absenteeism as employees become healthier and need less time off for health-related appointments