High-Value Networks

The One to One Health

Access One to One Health’s high value network to offer an additional benefit to your employees- that will reduce costs. Our physician network is a team of select primary care doctors, specialists, urgent care clinics and imaging centers. Our physician network provides an entire care team that provides employees and their families with high-value care. Our mission is to provide better, more cost-effective health care coverage by eliminating obstacles that diminish quality, drive up expenses, and frustrate patients, doctors, and employers.

Network value

Our physician network’s services include personalized health and wellness, access to high quality care, cost savings for employers, easy access to specialists, a medical hotline, and more. Our physicians are committed to eliminating common frustrations and making health care more personal by focusing on the one-to-one moment between doctor and patient.

Benefits of using in-network providers include:

  • Cost-savings through co-pay differentials for members
  • Faster access to specialists
  • High-quality care that is cost-effective
  • Improved patient experience
  • Access to 24/7 hotline and urgent care centers
  • Physician-directed corporate health and wellness programming

Are you an employer located in Tennessee Valley and interested in accessing a high-value network? Contact us to discuss how we can help you give your employees access.