Health Coaching

Health coaching and care coordination

When you choose health coaching or care coordination from One to One, our trained medical professionals work directly with your employees to offer personalized support, education and network access. Registered nurses, exercise specialists and registered dieticians teach and inspire employees to make lasting change. Our care coordination model includes physician-directed outreach for moderate to high-risk employees.

Our health coaches and care coordinators are medically trained team members that act as health care advocates for employees’ health-related questions and needs. Health coaches offer employees a chance to share challenges about chronic conditions, medical concerns, difficulties with medication adherence, and more.

Our team’s confidential interactions with employees address chronic conditions and general health concerns in person, by phone, by email and through prescribed on-demand videos.

Wellness for life

The foundation of our health coaching program lies in evidence-based practices overseen by physicians. The outcome is employees and families who are healthier, happier, and better equipped to make lasting behavioral changes—for life.

Health coaching interventions:

  • Improve glycemic control among patients with diabetes
  • Reduce mortality among patients, especially with heart failure
  • Reduce mortality and dependency among patients with stroke
  • Reduce symptoms among patients with depression
  • Reduce hospitalizations among patients with heart failure
  • Reduce readmissions among patients with mental health conditions
  • Treat depression cost effectively