Encouraging Employees to Get Flu Shots

Flu season can be hard on businesses, as employees take more sick days and are less productive at work. Yet the CDC reports that adults aged 18-49 years, the bulk of the American workforce, are the least likely group to get a flu shot. Encouraging workers to get vaccinated – or, even better, hosting a flu shot clinic in the workplace – can protect your employees from the aches, pains and productivity slowdowns brought on by the flu.

So what can your business do to get through the flu season with a healthy workforce?

  • Educate employees about the benefits of vaccination
  • Host an on-site flu shot clinic to make vaccination convenient
  • Offer flu shots in your on-site clinic, if you have one
  • Examine your corporate culture to make sure there’s no stigma around using sick days. You don’t want to encourage people who are ill to spread the flu at work!

Most insurance providers cover the cost of flu vaccinations with no copay, so the shots are typically free for One to One members and their families.

If you’re not sure where to go for a shot, you can check our provider directory to find a doctor or clinic that can administer the vaccine.

Benefits of flu vaccination

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