Biometric Screenings

Why offer biometric screening services?

For employers, biometric screening data is essential for shaping wellness program strategies and activities and for documenting and tracking changes in employee health.

Whether used as a stand-alone wellness service or included in a turnkey wellness program, One to One Health’s biometric screening services help employers identify and address employees’ most common and costly conditions.


On-site biometric screening events

The One to One Health team specializes in corporate biometric screenings and has held employee screening events for clients with business locations around the country.

We work with your staff to schedule on-site biometric screening events that meet the demands of your workforce’s schedules and locations. Our expert team of clinical personnel confidentially collects, analyzes and reports screening results for each event. Each patient also receives a report detailing their results and outlining action steps for making improvements.

One to One Health can provide clients with either finger stick or venipuncture testing options.


Health risk assessments

A health risk assessment is a screening tool for determining the status of an individual’s general health and wellbeing. The health risk assessment builds an excellent foundation for employees to make lifestyle changes with support from company wellness offerings.

Offered as part of our biometric screening process, the health risk questionnaire identifies risk factors and health concerns such as:

  • Access to health care
  • Alcohol and tobacco use
  • Dietary habits
  • Physical activity
  • Stress management
  • Safety


A key aspect of One to One Health’s biometric screening service is our ability to increase program effectiveness by providing—and following—individualized action plans for participating employees. Each One to One network member who completes a biometric screening and health risk assessment will receive a personalized report, reviewed by our medical director, with recommendations and tools based on age, gender and risk level.

Employers receive an executive summary of aggregate results and recommendations for use in constructing and evaluating wellness programs.

To protect employees’ privacy, individual screening outcomes are never shared with employers.

Contact us to get started or learn more about biometric screening and health risk assessment services.

Care Coordination

For employers interested in using biometric screening services as launch points for successful wellness programs, care coordination is an excellent next step. Learn more about care coordination and health coaching.

  • Confidential individual results
  • Integration with care coordination
  • Customized action plans