About Us

The One to One Health Approach to employee wellness

Comprised of a diverse team of healthcare professionals committed to providing a personal health care experience, One to One Health partners with employers to provide employees and their families with better patient care and more affordable health care options.


We are focused on improving employee health through quality care and minimizing excessive costs. Our customized solutions range from turnkey health and wellness programs to individual service lines, all of which share a keen focus on prevention, education and lasting lifestyle change.

Physicians direct every aspect of our services; experienced, compassionate medical professionals are guiding your employee wellness program.

The Difference

One to One Health services are all physician directed highly rated physicians who share a passion for delivering personalized care that is high quality and low cost.

One to One Health is not an insurance provider. Instead, our company is an additional benefit to employees who want access to health care that is better, faster and more cost effective.

Customized Health Solutions

Every business is different. That’s why we work with every client to customize health and wellness programming that results in healthier employees and bottom line savings.

Our Mission

To provide better, more cost-effective health care coverage by eliminating obstacles that diminish quality, drive up expenses and frustrate patients, doctors and employers.